Parent Consultation

Parents of anxious kids commonly share that they are prone to worry and believe that they have either passed on their worry or that what they are doing is not helping their child overcome their fears. Often parents wonder if they are actually making it worse. Parenting an anxious child brings up all sorts of thoughts and feelings - usually of the worrying kind - but it can also can be a great opportunity to start understanding your own anxiety so that you can feel more confident about helping your child.

In parent consultations, you will get a better understanding of what keeps your child's worry going and what helps reduce it. You'll learn how to support your child to gradually work through anxiety provoking situations without having to rearrange your schedule or avoid important activities. You will learn that anxiety is not a sign of weakness or a personal defect in you or your child but rather is something that, when properly understood and with the right strategies, can be a source of personal growth and development. 

Having spent much of my professional life working with children and parents dealing with different life circumstances, I am able to help parents take a clear look at various factors that may be contributing to feelings of overwhelm such as: lack of positive support, high needs children, or unmet personal wellness needs including untreated stress related difficulties. Sometimes the focus is on setting boundaries in relationships, sometimes it's on responding differently to your child, and other times, it's about taking time to get reacquainted with your needs, your interests, and your strengths. Most often it involves a combination of clear self-insight along with practical and tangible strategies that make things better.

Parent consultations usually involve weekly or biweekly sessions - depending on parent needs and child's difficulties. Sometimes children's sessions are added to support parents' efforts.

To schedule an initial consultation call click hereNOTE: Give yourself 10-20 minutes to share a bit about your situation and to ask questions.